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Proof of Funds

We offer proof of funds (POF) for those clients who require financial liquidity for their projects and to show asset strength while qualifying for financing for loans or lines of credit. These POFs are generally used for… Continue reading

Standby Letter of Credit

An SBLC is commonly used to back up a loan or line of credit in order to show financial strength and to back up the loan in case the client defaults. If the client defaults… Continue reading

Letter of Credit

As with Standby Letters of Credit are required by law to be 100% funded upon issuance. Normally, this would require that the client either deposit the full amount of the LC into the financial institution providing the instrument, or qualify… Continue reading

Loan Service

The use of any financial instrument or document is only as successful as the individual presenting the instrument or document. Over the years, we have associated ourselves with several brokers who are experienced specifically in the field of the proper… Continue reading

Permanent Take Out

Permanent take out commitments are offered to add financial security to a lender, which may have concerns regarding the exit strategy of a potential borrower. By providing a lender with a firm commitment to pay off that initial lender at… Continue reading

Conditional Approval Letters

Conditional Approval Letters are often required by sellers, as proof of a clients ongoing progress in obtaining financing for a proposed purchase. While these letters are most commonly used for real estate transactions, they can be used for any purchase… Continue reading

Comfort Letters and Advice of Blocked Funds

Comfort Letters and Advice of Blocked Funds are tools which we can offer to clients needing to demonstrate financial liquidity. While they do not guarantee payment, they often give the proposed lender sufficient confidence in the borrower, to extend the… Continue reading

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